Rare Beach Property

Local Map Reference: F9 Absolute frontage with no road between land and sea. Bound by roads on 2 sides giving...Read More→


Large plot with Beach frontage

Local Map Reference: F11 A special and scarce piece of Beachland in Suan Luang Beach.A higher level slopes gently from...Read More→


Prime Commercial Land

Just under 15 Rai (24,000 sq.m) of grazing or farmland 2km south of Bangsaphan Yai. For easy access, or splitting...Read More→


Several plots 1 minute drive from the sea Local Map Reference: E12 This plot is in the peaceful little community of Suan Luang Beach and maybe a...Read More→


Two adjacent plots of nearly 1 Rai each

Local Map Reference: F4 2 adjacent plots of just under 2 Rai (3088 sq.m.). View of sea approx. 200m.  Electricity...Read More→


Beautiful plot of land in Pranburi

Beautiful plot of land, of 3 Rai 52 Sq.W. in area (5,000 sq.m ). It is in a completely rural...Read More→


Sea View Land

Local Map Reference: E13 An exciting piece of land on a hill looking through trees to the sea 150m away....Read More→


Convenient Square Plot

Local Map Reference: D14 This Development is an approximately square 1246 metres which is just over 3/4 Rai. The frontage...Read More→


Secluded Land 2 minutes drive to beach

Local Map Reference: E12 Area of 175 sq.Wah (700 sq.m or 20 x 35 m) in a secluded area. There are...Read More→


Two plots near the sea

Local Map Reference: E10 2 Lots of 100 sq.wah each. Frontage on road of each is 13 m. and depth...Read More→


Numerous plots from 548 to 1,480 sqm

Local Map Reference: E11 There are 17 lots of various sizes ranging from 137 sq.w to 370 sq.w (548 sq.m to...Read More→