Sopha Land and House is a property agency based in the beautiful seaside resort of Suan Luang Beach, which is in the Thai province of Prachuap Kiri Khan, about 200 kilometres south of the larger and more famous Royal town of Hua Hin, which is itself about the same distance south of Bangkok. We have a variety of homes, businesses and plots of land on our books that are not only an amazing opportunity for those looking to live, work or retire near the beach, but are also considerably cheaper than can be found in the more well known Thai beach destinations.

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Below are some views of the Suan Luang Beach and nearby beaches to whet your appetite!
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Skirted by the 3374 road, in the very south of the Province boasts some of the most inexpensive Beach land in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Situated about 5 km south of Bangsaphan Yai it is part of the Sunrise Coast of Thailand – now renamed Riviera Thailand (which stretches from Cha Am, through Hua Hin, Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Bangsaphan to Chumphon) and is, as yet, a very unspoiled, but minor tourist destination. Many people only learn about it from “The Lonely Planet”! The Suan Luang Beach and surrounding area is attractive for many reasons and there are enough bars, restaurants and other facilities (click on coloured text for more information) to perfectly complement the laid back lifestyle here. The people who visit us are often so enticed by it that they choose to make a holiday or retirement home here. Some from Hua Hin even have a second home in Suan Luang. They are further enthused to learn that beach and proximate land is considerably cheaper than in well known resorts.  The residents are a mixture of Thai and retired ‘Farang’. Retirees  are mostly English speaking but there are German, Swiss and French speakers with even a few retirees from Sweden and Norway.    Shopping, in Bangsaphan Yai, is adequate and easy to do, with 2 Tesco, numerous 7/11 and daily markets as well as 5 banks and at least 15 ATM. The Government Hospital has recently been extended. Residents may go to the towns of Prachuap, Chumphon or Hua Hin if more sophisticated treatment is needed. 90 day visa reporting is done at Dansingkhon nr Prachuap (90km) and annual visas at Hua Hin (200km). Work on the fast rail link between Bangkok and the South is progressing at pace and we are hopeful that within a year journey times will be slashed considerably. There is also an airport about 70 km south near Chumphon and at present there are 4 flights daily, in and out to Bangkok. With luck, in time it will open to further destinations. As may the airport at Hua Hin where expansion of flights is already planned. This would certainly affect Real Estate prices in Hua Hin but is likely to have a knock on effect in the Bangsaphan area. The map above can be zoomed in or out and pinpoints our area with the black marker to give you a better idea of the location. Below is a detailed, but not to scale, street map for easy reference. You can find more maps on our Maps page.

About Sopha
I am an English speaking Thai residing in Suan Luang Beach and have contacts with Developers, landowners, builders, tradesmen and the Bangsaphan Lands Office. I also have a Realtor Certificate from Thai Real Estate Business School (TREBS). I am therefore in a good position to help you whether you wish to to buy or sell land or property. If you wish to view land and stay in a hotel or guesthouse I can recommend the one appropriate for your needs and can even arrange a transport rental if needed. 
Some people prefer to buy an existing house.  For those who would like to build their own we estimate that a 2/3 bedroom,2 bath house of 100 square metres built on 100 square wah land (400 square metres) to your own specification in the Suan Luang area could cost, for the land and building, not more than ฿2,500,000 (exc. perimeter walls garden etc) – to convert this to your currency at today’s rates please use the currency converter at the top right of this page. Land price depends, of course, on proximity to the sea. A small swimming pool with necessary equipment and changing facilities could cost up to a million baht extra but would certainly add value and enjoyment.
There are several local contractors and their costs, including materials, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures etc. vary between ฿10,000 per sq.m and ฿13,000. An average sized 2/3 bedroom house is approx.100/120 sq.m
1 Sq.wah = 4 sq.metres
1 Rai= 400 sq.wah = 1600 sq.m

Most of the land on our books is in the Suan Luang Beach Area and lies east between the 3374 Bangsaphan road and the sea of the Gulf of Thailand (see Maps). Distance to the sea at the South end of the 3374 is 1.2 km and from the North end 0.8 km. So you could say that the time taken to get to the sea ranges from a few minutes walk to 2 or 3 minutes driving by car/motorbike.
Prices of land for sale vary according to proximity to the sea and there is a price range on uncleared land of from ฿3,500 per sq.wat to ฿25,000.

Farm Land
Main crops are coconuts, palm, pineapples and rubber. Land available is mostly 4 rai or larger and lies west of the 3374 main road – normally 2 or 3 km from the sea.  Prices start at approx. ฿250,000 per rai.  We have no farm land on our books but normally are able to find it if requested. Since the land is cheaper some people who like space might like to buy this type of land and build their own residence and supplement their income from produce. As an example, if one was to buy 4 rai for ฿1.2 million, it would give a piece of land 80 x 80m, possibly 40 x 160m for approx US$36,000. It has been our observation that much farm land is on good concrete roads so a 5 minute drive probably takes one to the beach or even to do shopping.

At present there are not many houses on the market but we will list them as they become available.
On our books we also have various commercial concerns for sale including a beach hotel of 26 rooms, a large 2 storey 7 room house with 6 bungalows on the beach, a bar on 4 rai with small accommodation, a resort on 10 rai with 14 bungalows, and a Homestay with 5 fully furnished cottages. We will be happy to give  further information.

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